Trieste Advanced Data Services

Trieste Advance Data Services (TriDAS) is designed to enable advanced data services. It is implemented in Python and uses Bokeh for data visualization, the spym package to process and plot images, and the FastAPI framework as the backend.
The platform host several virtual access services that can be classified in two broad categories:
1) Data Services developed within specific experimental/computational techniques;
2) Data Services are developed at a more general level to address a specific class of scientific data (i.e. images, 3D archives).


Choose the services from the catalogue below
STM Explorer

Explore a 100K STM database simply selecting the metadata you need. Plots are interactive and downloadable.

SEM Classifier

Automatic classification SEM images. Use machine learning to tag SEM images and  improve image recognition software. 

SEM Explorer

Explore a scanning electron microscope database with more than 100k images simply selecting the metadata you need.

STM Similarity

Use your STM images to explore our dataset searching for similar images.

SEM Similarity

Query the SEM dataset with your SEM images to find the data you need.